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Trilobites are marine animals that existed hundreds of millions of years ago in the earth's seas. They are closely related to crustaceans of today such as crabs and shellfish. Most trilobites lived during the Paleozoic Era from 550 million to around 300 millions years ago. There are many different kinds of trilobites found all over the world. New trilobite species are discovered every year. The trilobite pictured here is a rara Devonian period trilobite from Morroco. Click on the pictures for larger, more detailed versions. trilobites, rare trilobites
This next trilobite is also a rare Devonian trilobite from Morroco called Psychopyge. This one has been very well preserved. You can see the multiple body segments and spines protruding from the body. It is not often that a trilobite is found so well preserved. trilobites, rare trilobites
Trilobites were easily fossilized because as they died their bodies settled to the sea bottom where they were covered by layer after layer of new soil deposits. The trilobite in this picture is a rare Asophiscus Wheeleri found in Utah. trilobites, rare trilobites
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