How To Press Your Own Flowers

Pressed flowers are just as beautiful as fresh flowers and they last forever. Pressing your own flowers can be a very fun project. There's not much to it. Just follow the easy instructions below.
Materials Needed:
*Your favorite flowers or foliage picked and ready to press
*A large phone book or dictionary
*A sheet of newspaper
*More books or heavy objects - about 20 lbs. worth
Step 1.) After picking your favorite flowers and foliage, put them in the refrigerator or an ice chest to keep them from wilting while you prepare your pressing materials.
Step 2.) Place the flowers or foliage on the inside fold of the sheet of newspaper. Make sure there is no overlapping of leaves, petals, stems, etc... and fold the top half of the newspaper sheet down over the flowers.
Step 3.) Open the dictionary or phone book and place the newspaer in the middle at about letter M.
Step 4.) Close the dictionary and place the other books or heavy objects on top.
The drying process takes about 3 days. Once the flowers are pressed and dry you can use them in arrangements, art work, as gifts, whatever you like.

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