Ant Anatomy:

The anatomy of ants is very interesing. Use this diagram , that shows the main body parts of ants, and the information below to learn about about the anatomy of ants.
diagram of the anatomy of ants, body parts of ants
An ant's body is divided into 3 main segments. The head, the Mesosoma, and the Metasoma.
The head of an ant has some very important parts. The eyes, the antennae, and the mandibles. The eyes are compound eyes which means they have many small lenses connected together. There are also 3 simple eyes on top of the head that can detect light levels and polarization. There are 2 antennae which allow the ant to sense things. Ants also have mandibles which can be used to fight, carry food, or other tasks.
The Mesosoma section is where all 6 of the legs are attached.
The Metasoma of the ant holds some organs and may contain a stinger with poison.
Ants don't have lungs. Air enters through the exoskeleton. There is not a heart but there is a tube that runs the length of the ant which moves liquids in the body.
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Ant Observation at Home

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