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Live Harvester Ants

For Ant Farms and Ant Habitats
live harvester ants
Regular Supply of Ants (About 30)

$4.99 with Free Shipping in U.S.

Super Supply of Ants (About 60)

$6.98 with Free Shipping in U.S.

Kid's Favorites Collection

Popular Earth Items Kids Love
rock collector set
Includes Shark Tooth, Natural Rock Magnet, Crystal Cave (Geode), Fool's Gold Nugget, Quartz Crystal, Information, and Cool Drawstring Bag.
Price: $6.95

Gold Panning Kit

Find a Real Gold Nugget!
gold panning kit Learn how to pan for gold. Find a real Gold Nugget!
Price: $14.95

Feeder Ants

For Horned Lizards
horned lizard

Harvester Ants are a staple in the diet of most Horned Lizards Visit our Horned Lizard Food page to order bulk quantities of ants for your pet(s).

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